About us

Forza aims to accomplish one thing: MAKE TECHNOLOGY HUMAN.

Forza is a startup based out of Miami, Florida that is dedicated to revolutionizing the fitness industry. We make fitness and the process of getting in shape social, interactive and mobile.

At Forza, we mold dreams into tangible products; we create the most versatile and intuitive products; we design products that integrate to your lifestyle, so that you can improve it seamlessly. While creating the perfect synergy between art, technology and thoughtful engineering, Forza’s passion is in developing ideas that meaningfully change the way we live.

After over a year of meticulous development, sleepless nights and unquenched enthusiasm, we are proud to introduce you to our first product- Smart Bar: The World’s First Portable Smart Fitness Bar.

Join the Forza revolution and pre-order today!

Yours Truly,

The Forza Team